"What?" Pastor John said, "Stop serving?.."

YES! Yes indeed! This past Sunday as I parked at John 14:1-4 and we began to look at the scenic views of these verses of scripture, we all noticed a depth in Jesus' words that were completely and utterly life changing! He said He was coming back for his bride!

Is the Bride ready? Why are you serving? What are you doing to prepare for the Groom?
I said to "stop serving" if you are serving to have a position in the church, if you are looking for man's approval, if you are serving for any reason other than "preparing yourself for the Groom" then stop! God is not impressed with how much money we give or how many hours we serve! He is looking at our heart. This is a heart issue! My hopes are that we serve as unto the Groom, we serve to prepare the way of the Lord, we occupy until He comes! So, when we are serving in AWANA, Men's or Women's ministry, youth, office, or any other place... Do it for Him! Not the church, not a pastor, not for a program, but as unto the Lord, our soon and coming King! "People get ready, Jesus is coming, Soon we'll be going home...."

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