Let God Arise

Have you ever noticed that Christians behave as if God is dead or helpless?

David writes in Psalm 68 "Let God Arise"

This Psalm says we must have faith, we must "Let God Arise..." So many times we put God in our little boxes, or we limit God to what is in our checking or savings account. We limit God and we limit what He wants to do in our lives.

We need to "Let God Arise!" The Psalm goes on to say, "and let our enemies be scattered." Our enemies come in many different shapes and sizes... Our enemy might be health issues, financial issues, a relationship problem, but whatever the enemy, when we "Let God Arise... our enemies are scattered" Our enemies melt like wax in the presence of the Lord... Our enemies blow away like smoke in the wind...

Today..... Who is your enemy? Stress, greed, health, money.... "LET GOD ARISE!"

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