Habakkuk - do you question God?

  • If olive oil is made from olives, what is baby oil made from?
  • If I am driving down the highway at 60 mph and throw a cat out of the window, is that kitty litter?
  • Why do I root for Wisconsin sports teams?
  • On a more serious note: why was MY daughter diagnosed with cancer?

Questions???? Life Questions..... "God, why?"

A little lesson we can learn from the Prophet Habakkuk is this: Life does not always make sense. God does not always make sense.

Is it ok to question God?

So, what do we do when God does not make sense?

1. We wrestle with God, but we must embrace him... He will never let go..
2. We wait.... and wait... wait... and wait some more
3. We worship! We realize he is on the throne and is full control of all situations.

Grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet place, open your Bible to Habakkuk and read these words of hope.

Worship Him.... wait on Him.... but you might have to wrestle with him first...


A Hoosier Family said...

Being able to praise/worship/love our Lord when things aren't going great... that's a sacrifice. I appreciate you sharing a piece of your heart with us readers!

Anonymous said...

just because I am built like a sumo restler, am I destined to always be wrestling with God about something?