Grow Daily or Die Gradually!!!

The national and world economy has been "the" news a lot, as of lately, ...have you noticed?

When we hear the word 'economy' we tend to think that it only refers to a monetary system. But economy actually refers to how efficient one uses their resources.

One resource we are all given is 'time.' There are no middle-class, rich, poor or any other class for the way we consume or use our time. We all have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 52 weeks in every year.

My time is valuable! I have 5 kids, pastor a church, try to be a good husband - laundry, cooking and cleaning.. I need to read more, pray more, visit more, eat less, exercise more... you get the picture...

What we need is a lesson in some simple time economics.

You need to understand this.... GET THIS!!!

You will NOT survive as a believer if you never open the Bible, never pray, and never meditate on His word.

So, in our busy schedule how can we find time to Grow Daily.. none of want to Die Gradually...

Here is a tip....

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro uses the S.O.A.P. method for managing his time with God daily.

S = Scripture - Read one or two chapters a day, using a Bible reading guide

O = Observation - What was the passage about...? The story...? Retell it!!

A = Application - How does this apply to my life....? Life application to the Word of God is very important for the success of all believers.

P = Pray - Write out your prayer, based on what you just read... Let the Holy Spirit guide your words.

So, now go to a store, buy your self a notebook, then to and type in Daily Bible Reading Guide and pick one that fits you.

Then write your S.O.A.P.y thoughts down... Allow God to cleanse you through the water of His word.


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