God uses available people

I am amazed how the stories of the Bible are mostly made up of unlikely leaders. Moses tried to convince God that he was not the right man. Peter denied knowing Jesus. A donkey even shares a word from the Lord. Hosea. Habakkuk. Men and women that had no intention on being used to the degree that God chose to use them. God is still calling men, women, boys and girls today! Unlikely Leaders are all around us. Maybe it is you.... Have you ask God lately... My will or YOUR Will? I believe that God is raising up leadership at Church on the Loop! It was unbelievable!!! It was 8:30 on Sunday morning in the youth chapel, board members and their wives came to pray for the church and the community. God is raising up leaders all around us... Maybe it is you... Are you the next leader God is needing to use? Do you have a gift that you are hiding? My will or YOUR will? Be available to serve, give, love and reach out to any need that comes to you today.. Rise to the challenge... Blessings!!!

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