Caleb Ryan McHaffie

Life! So simple, yet so complex.

Life! Amazing, yet sometimes disheartening.

Life! Sacred, yet sometimes misunderstood.

I witnessed one of the most remarkable miracles today. It was not turning water into wine, however that would be exciting to see. It was not a one million dollar check in my mailbox, but I would love to experience that as well. It was Life in the purest form. A pregnant mother, laboring to bring life into this world. A pregnant mother with the strength of of team of horses. A pregnant mom with a will stronger than solid steal. I witnessed a miracle.

I, the father, helpless, nervous, anxious, searching, needing/wanting-to-fix-this (but can't). I stood over her and I prayed a selfish prayer, that I would receive the strength of a mother. I knew in my heart that I would never understand this kind of unbridled passion, her strength came from a passion so deep and so strong that it could only come from a strength deep within, a strength that only could be given by her creator.

You would think that after going through this 4 previous times, I would "get use to it." Today, I wept as if I was a dad for the first time. The tears of amazement, joy, hope, love and so many more emotions I just savored the moment. I experienced life in the purest form.

I watched this little guy take his first breath, I cut the cord that tied him to mom, as he latched on to his mommy for his first sip of life. I realized again how precious LIFE really is. It is so amazing! God gave us life. God gave us our first breath. God gave us purpose.

Today I hope you realize that your first breath had purpose, a plan and you were birthed from a passion that is only found in a God given strength. Y9ur life matters. You matter. You!

Have a great day and enjoy every breath God gives you today. Your life is a miracle.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I am tired, worn out and ready to go to sleep, but fatherhood calls again - as I go to the side of another child who has been throwing up off and on all evening.... Hmmmm.... Life!!!!

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Sharon said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!