Giving or Returning???

So many times you here pastors, leaders etc say "Let's take our morning tithes and offering." or we talk about "giving"our tithe to the Lord... I know most people mean well when saying such things. So, this is not a rebuke of the verbs you use... I just want to make a simple point to say...

"Everything belongs to the Lord." "EVERYTHING"

So, if everything belongs to the Lord, then how can I "give" a tithe. It already belongs to him anyway, so I believe it is safe to say that we "return" our tithes to the Lord, not give...

This is not a lesson in semantics, but a matter of the heart. When we "give/return" we give with a grateful heart!

So, however you want to say it... that is fine... but from what spirit are you giving/returning things to the Lord?

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