25 random thoughts about me

1. I am a servant of Christ - I am not ashamed of what I do or who I am in Christ!
2. I love my family more than words can express - Susan is a true blessing and the children we have make me so proud to have the title DADDY!

3. I love cheese! on just about everything... My doctor is not happy about this one!

4. I love to read maps

5. I love dark chocolate and hate milk chocolate!

6. I love Coffee!!! need I say more?
Bring it on.... Venti Americano.... that's good livin'
7. I love to read a good book!

8. I love the outdoors, I wish I could go "out there" more.

9. I enjoy being around people who make me laugh! I need more of that...

10. I am not as good on the computer as I wish to be...

11. I love to lead worship.

12. I love to channel surf... This drives Susan crazy!

13. I love to eat things that are not healthy for me... God placed me in the cheese, brat and frozen custard state... No wonder I live at the YMCA

14. I love to watch football.... I have moved so much I am trying to find my loyalties again... KC and GB...

15. I am not much of a movie watcher... prefer channel surfing

16. I love going to good conference.. the travel, hearing good teaching, and of course, the free stuff... I like that!

17. I love to play basketball with my two older boys; Joshua and Timothy... they are wild and they love the game.

18. I love to just hang-out with my son Tyler, that boy makes me laugh harder than any other human I know....

19. I love to go on dates with my daughter... she likes Red Lobster.. and shopping...

20. I love to snuggle with Caleb... what a little peanut!

21. I wish I had more time to just be one on one with Susan... but we both understand that we have young kids and we are really enjoying this season of our life...

22. I love pizza... too much!

23. I am a horrible golfer.... I love to play golf with horrible golfers... no really horrible golfers.. the kind that does not keep score and you get to tee off as many times as you want... We write the rules...

24. I love warm weather more than cold weather.

25. I love the fact that I can write, read, walk, talk and reason things out! I love the fact that I am fearlessly and wonderfully made. I love the fact that my DNA is the same DNA that is in the blood of Christ. I love my life and all that is in it... I love the fact that I am blessed!!!

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