Unity is one of those words many of us have heard preached in churches for years. A word that we always seem to say "amen" too, but Unity is more than a word, it is a life-style that is not bearing a harvest full of fruit in our churches today.

With so much at stake, like lives being born again, receiving Christ as their savior, churches continue on with their petty differences and are more concerned about getting their way on the color of the walls, types of seating, location, carpet, and a say so in how to spend the "church" money - than we are concerned about those that Jesus came and died for.

Terms like worship wars, pastor vs. board, church fights and so on ... I was once told this "our church is known to chew up and spit out pastors!" Wow! I thought - Was that Jesus' intent for the purpose of the church? NO WAY!!!

A matter of fact if you look at John 17, Jesus prays his longest prayer, he prays for believers of his present day and for future believers. He prays a prayer, if you listen, you can hear the agony, the pain and the passion! He prays that we become one as He and his father are one. He mentions this about 4 times.. His passion for the church was that we would become ONE and do great things as the spirit came upon us.

All of us have are differences! We are not called to be the same, we are called to be ONE!!! Pastors need freedom to simply pastor, boards need to understand the passion and vision of the great commission and the great commandment and simply serve, teachers need to disciple, worship leaders need to get "self" out of the way and simply worship and congregations should desire that their church is a church that is ONE with the Christ and our Holy Father!

Unity is diversity with cooperation...

If you are part of a church body, you should:
1. Grow daily
2. Become a unifier
3. Forgive someone today
4. Work hard at becoming ONE

Have a great day, call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them!!!

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