I wanna be Kawass when I grow up!

It was three years ago, July 11th, my birthday.

I asked my kids where they wanted to eat.. My oldest son Joshua wanted to go to Denny's! (tuesday's are free) We were having a great time and then it was time to go... I paid, the rest of my family went to the restroom and I wandered outside to see hundreds of police cars, motorcycles cops, and SUV's!

My first thought maybe a plane had crashed, we were right next to Mitchel International Airport in Milwaukee. Then quickly, it was obvious someone important was near... I was so excited! "What a great birthday!" I thought to myself. Then, there he was, he rolled down his window and waved at the 15-20 people standing on the side of the road, President George W. Bush! He waved at me (well everyone standing there). I stood there in awe, I saw the President of the United States.

There is a funny word in the Greek, Kawass - The simple translation is "one who prepares the way, one who fills in the holes, makes the path straight." Like all of the motorcycle cops going before the President of the United States.

John the Baptist was the Kawass for Jesus! He prepared the way for Christ!

Today maybe you can be the Kawass for someone who is struggling with life and help prepare the way for them to know and understand Christ! Maybe they have sin ruts, or piles of garbage in their life, roadblocks to keep them from Christ. It is your job to go before to help prepare the way for Christ to work in their life.

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