As I write this blog - my kids are running through my house as if they were on some kind of sugar high. This is my day! My day off! My hopes at this moment are simply to drink coffee and watch Olympic high lights. My hopes and plans are not panning out this morning due to the overwhelming amount of boyish energy in my house. Emily, my only girl - she is serving the family this morning by letting me know everything that her brothers are doing wrong. (What a gift!) As I felt my tempuature rising when I could not see or hear the much awaited Olympic highligts... I stopped and listened, watched them.... The over whelming feeling of "boy, I am so lucky..." came over me. I am so blessed with the children I have running freely though my house, even at the expense of not hearing or seeing something I have been waiting 4 years to see. The next time I see the summer olympics, my kids (for the most part) might not want to run freely through the house, but they will be asking me for money so they can go to the mall with their friends... Serving God and serving my family is the most wonderful experience anyone could ever hope for. My prayer for the day, that I am the example of Christ to them, even when the Olymics are on tv. Enjoy your family today! Kids are great (even when they are loud)! Enjoy whatever stage of life they are in today, for the next Summer Olmpics they will be 4 years older!

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Thank you! You put this so perfectly that it made me stop and think! I needed that! Have a great day!!