Life is Fun!

Life is fun!

As we watch the news, or hear the grumblings of others we can sometimes get caught up in the negative perceptions in life. But life for the most part is fun and has simple levels of excitement.

I do not consider myself to be great at anything. I am not a skilled techy, or a skilled mechanic, my athletic skills are humorous, I am not a fix-it-man, even in ministry I do not consider myself to be a great speaker, deep thinker, or an academic...

At best I am just average! At best! But I love to have fun. Jesus said that "all of the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.. Love God with everything.. Love each other as you love yourself." As I look at the picture in this post... I am just having fun! The kids are having fun! I beleive God is smiling on us and He too is having fun.

Let's make life simple... Love God with all you got, love those around you as you love yourself... Make someone laugh today, say a kind word, be positive - even when it seems "normal" to be negative. Have a great day!

Life is Fun! (if you want it to be)

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