Not just any 6 year old

To see her, she looks like any normal 6 year old. She loves dresses, pink, ponies and Cinderella. She loves to sing, jump, climb and also she can be a little bit on the "direct" side as she shares her concerns with her 3 brothers. (BTW - one more on the way)

Emily is a miracle in the making. She is busy right now conquering skin cancer. This coming August she will have her first major check up since finishing her treatments last October. To look at her, she seems healthy and active - but since she was 4 she has endured 4 major surgeries, lots of needles, picc lines, pokes, prods, blood draws and a lot of unwanted exposure.

She is doing Great! We are believing this "cancer" will be a thing of the past! I believe God is going to use this for his glory! He created her with a purpose, and she has already proved to be an overcomer.

This blog entry is to encourage you to not give up. Let a 6 year girl's fight with cancer give you the hope you need today to accomplish all God has called you to do.

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