Waiting & Twisting

I am not a big fan of waiting... Waiting on food or a waiter! Waiting in a waiting room! Waiting for my wife to "put her shoes on!" Waiting for my kids to get get off the computer! Waiting for my birthday or Christmas!

Let's face it, waiting is absolutely not a favorite American pass time.

In Isaiah 40:31 the scripture says, "They that WAIT upon the Lord, will renew their strength."

Is God calling me to be miserable? No, waiting has everything to do with calming our anxious hearts, continuing on our path in obedience, placing our confidence in God.

The word WAIT, can be translated HOPE! "To gather, twist, or bind together, to stretch towards, to long for, to expect" OK, OK, this is one weird definition!

So, look up at the picture... do you see the prayer shawl? That is known a the tallit. Do you see the fringes... the tassels... they are called the tzitit.... They would spend hours working on, mending... hoping, waiting (twisting, binding, stretching) in God's presence making/repairing the tzitzit.. They would twist, bind, worship for their hope and trust was in God.

For you today... Waiting on the Lord is not the same English word as "a waiting room" but God is calling to you wait/worship/praise/hope in his presence. Faith is the substance of things HOPED for.... Spend some time with Him today as you put your HOPE in Christ and He will renew your strength!

Happy Twisting!

6960 is the Strongs # for wait. For further study also look at :
- Psalm 25
- Numbers 15:38-41

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